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Who We Are

Renowned in the UK underground, the indomitable talents of Derek Carley (BURIAL, WOLFBASTARD), RYAN WHITTAKER, ROB HARRIS (NECRONAUTICAL) and LEWIS BRIDGES (ex-OND) form FOETAL JUICE, ensuring that their individual exposure to diverse metal realms create a band that deliver a seething, virtuosic, and violent audial assault. With a string of gigs, tours and festivals to its name, FOETAL JUICE has carved a niche in discharging revolting death metal to smaller, high-energy audiences, through to the hungry masses at the likes of Bloodstock, Obscene Extreme Festival, Extreme Fest Germany, Incineration Fest, UK Deathfest, Stonehenge Festival, Berlin Deathfest and Blastonbury, firmly ensconcing itself at the helm of the UK underground and making waves across the English.

Underpinned by Floridian inspired CANNIBAL CORPSE stench, smeared with the diabolically endearing dark humour of GOREROTTED and pulverising ferocity of INSECT WARFARE, backboned by the influence of death metal pioneers DEICIDE and VOMITORY, and dripping in subtle injections of the scathing bleakness of WIEGEDOOD, FOETAL JUICE orchestrate a sound that is both comfortably familiar, but contrastingly unique. The band blend the harsh nuances of grindcore, death and black metal, infusing them with inescapably high-quality musicianship and endearingly insalubrious lyrics, to produce superior, revolting extreme metal, and an audial experience akin to the pleasure of perforating a throbbing, rancid boil; immensely satisfying and intensely disgusting.

FOETAL JUICE is notorious for its catalogue of unpleasantries and musical vulgarities, with an EP in the form of “Big Trouble in Little Vagina” paving the way for the band’s stonking 2016 debut album release, “Masters of Absurdity”. But it was FOETAL JUICE’s grim death-meets-grindcore sophomore efforts in its 2020 full-length “Gluttony” that really imprinted itself on the scene. The Buzzsaw bludgeoning of stinking, fat riffs, injections of relentless drum work and d-beat flirtation, combined with rabid basslines in the likes of “Take Your Face for a Shit” and “Septic Mollusc”, emit nothing short of something filthier than your incontinent grandma’s festering grots. The clobbering of “Manifestation of Falsity” is enough to get you foaming more than a pack of wolves with rabies, whilst “Venomous Domination”, “Nether Pandemonium” and “Antagonistic Bastard” are as relaxing as a hydrofluoric acid bath filled with piranhas. And then there’s the meaty snarl of “Gluttony” to get you salivating, chomping at the bit, and smacking your lips together more than a fat bastard creaming over the steak bakes in Gregg’s.

Despite the stench of FOETAL JUICE being like pheromones to randy flies over a manure pile, notwithstanding the abundant putridity spewed from its catalogue, and even with the latest release crammed with satisfyingly vituperative tracks, FOETAL JUICE deliver technical prowess that shouldn’t be overlooked. The band is recording a new album in November 2022 as a continuation of the slapping, chaotic insanity of “Gluttony”, retaining the same boisterous and balls-deep technicality of musicianship, intending to release the next hefty slab of FOETAL JUICE filth in mid-2023 via Gorehouse Records.

Expect no apologies from these disgusting death metal maestros; remorseless sonic defecation is second nature to them and will always remain at the forefront of FOETAL JUICE’s viciously fetid maelstrom. However, FOETAL JUICE guarantee to slop up a blubbery banquet of meaty cuts to fatten your greedy lugholes and satiate your voracious appetite for chunky and filthy audial Gulosity. And you’ll be begging for more.

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